Digital signage has been here for quite some time now, and the industry leaders in this emerging business are well aware of its success so far. In the digital signage industry the business is booming as more and more retailer are starting to grasp its true potential. But what happened, and why are people more and more willing to invest in digital solutions in order to enhance their in-store experience?

Let’s see why:

Lower production costs

First and foremost – digital signage products are now reasonably priced and generally cost a lot less than they used to. This makes sense and it was more or less expected sooner or later.

Huge flat display panels, interactive screens, even PCs and laptops are now less expensive yet far more powerful than they used to be not so long ago. On top of that, the graphics and the overall design of the products have improved and will continue to do so. As more and more products become available the price will go down even further.


Scalability is yet another important element when it comes to digital signage. When it comes to technology, the degree to which a system is able to evolve and become more powerful as more and more people use it is a huge plus, and yet another invaluable selling point.

Integration of IoT and signage

Internet of things is defined as the environment where people, things and even animals can communicate through and transfer data through a network without having to speak to each other. These things contain identifiers that makes it easy to communicate to each other. It’s an amazing feature which is now also the integral part of digital signage solutions. In fact, digital signage is going to play an extremely important role as the Internet of Things continues to evolve.

Enhancing the customer experience

In today’s world, retailer know that it’s not enough to satisfy your customers anymore. Now you need to wow them if you want them to buy from you over and over again. More and more retailers have finally figured it out – if you want to stop being their average seller your need to start wowing them. And a perfect way to do that is by introducing digital solutions to physical stores. Never underestimate the impact of the right message at the right time, or seeing that pair pants on a larger screen. Plus you’re able to harness more data about your shoppers so next time they come to your store they will get an even better customer service than the last time!

Activating your personnel

Last but not the least – another reasons why digital signage is gaining more and more momentum is because it helps with staff motivation and training. The staff can communicate and learn through interactive touchscreens as well as messaging screens. All these new gadgets can make their job a lot easier by helping them communicate faster and pull time-consuming processes to a minimum. In turn, this leads to better work performance and hopefully an increase in sales.