Retail Investor Outreach

With strong retail relationships throughout the US, Canada and Europe, Invictus Resources IR team can provide the right amount of reach needed to bring attention to the company story in an effort to develop a solid retail shareholder base. Invictus’ retail relationships include Stockbrokers, Wealth Managers, Registered Investment Advisors, High Net-Worth Individuals and Traders.


Cross-Border Investor Relations

The Invictus Resources team has over a decade  of experience communicating specific company investor information to audiences across the globe. Whether it is exposing European investors to the US Biotech sector, assisting in the IR and communications effort of a company moving from a Foreign Stock Exchange to Nasdaq/NYSE or bringing US company management teams to institutional investors throughout Europe, we have the experience and know how to be successful.


Invictus Research

Invictus Research provides a comprehensive, fundamental research option for micro and small cap public companies. Our deep-rooted platform allows our analysts to articulate and produce materials that encapsulate your company, present the investment opportunity, and provide guidance as to how investors should view the potential intrinsic value of the company.



We book and conduct US and international investor roadshows composed primarily of one-on-one meetings, and maintain frequent and proactive communications with the investment community on behalf of our clients. Whether the goal is to expand the retail or institutional interest, our roadshows are tailored appropriately to meet each companies expectations. We have also worked with investment banks in developing target lists for public and private offerings, and have set up road trips for a number of investment banks and depositary banks on a private-label basis.


Strategic Counsel

We offer strategic counseling/planning, and have frequently been helpful in major corporate undertakings, such as public or private financings (though we do not buy, sell or trade securities ourselves, nor do we base our compensation on transactions), repositioning, turnarounds, changes of management or business plan and crisis management. From time to time we will advise private companies that want to go public.


Media Relations

The team at Invictus Resources prides itself on consistently procuring strong relationships. Much like our retail and institutional databases, Invictus’ media lists are focused primarily on high-level business and financial media: print, broadcast, hire-service, electronic/Internet, including local and regional business editors and reporters, as well as the national business, financial and trade media.

In a world where media is perpetually changing, our focus is to market to those that specialize in specific media and to leverage these relationships on behalf of our clients. Whether securing a TV spot on CNBC or introducing the company story to a plethora of different online publications, our relationships’ record of achievement in media relations is, we believe, among the very finest. We also work well with other agencies in communications tasks that fall outside our parameters.


Email Marketing

Let Invictus handle all of your email-marketing efforts. Our software encompasses the creation, sending and delivery of your email campaign. We maximize your permission-based email marketing deliverability by creating attractive, branded emails that keep your content out of the spam box. Invictus specializes in working with public companies. That being said, our focus is to get your message into the appropriate investment communities’ hands. Combined with your custom lists, Invictus Resources has built email groups within specific investment communities. These targeted groups ensure your message is being delivered to the right recipients.